Volatility is a key measure of amount of risk involved in investing or trading in a stock or index. Stocks having a relatively large price fluctuation over a short time period, are considered more volatile and ultimately expose you to higher risk of loss. Volatility has several different applications while trading, investing and predicting the direction of the stock market meaning being on the right side of volatility can reward you handsomely. With our Volatility Tracking Tool you can now track the applicable Daily Volatility(greater of spot or future daily volatility) and applicable Annual Volatility(greater of spot or future annual volatility) of stocks and indexes. To convert applicable Daily Volatility and applicable Annualized Volatility to %, multiply by 100. For example, for a particular stock or index, if the daily volatility shown in the chats below is 0.2819 then in % term daily volatility will be 0.2819*100 = 28.19%  (which means the stock or index has the potential to move in the range of (+-) 28% daily - very risky). Similarly if the annual volatility for a particular stock is 5.3856 then the Annual Volatility in % terms will be 5.3856*100 = 538.56%  (which means the stock has the potential to move in the range of (+-) 538% annually). You can also track India VIX to draw insights about overall market mood.

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